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Production Services

Great locations, skilled talent, and a lot more. Delicatessen in Brazil.

Exuberant nature. Endless beaches, rivers, forests, canyons, valleys, exotic wildlife, mountains, waterfallsand breathtaking landscapes. Brazil has it all. Huge cities, concrete jungles, epic traffic jams, favelas of all kinds and sizes,quiet small towns, bucolic villages, roads in the middle of no where, asphalt and dirt, rock and water. Yes. We have that too.

More than a spectacular place to visit, Brazil’s infinite scenarios make a marvellous place to shoot films.

Save your pennies

With a very favorable exchange rate to American Dollars, Euros and Pounds. Brazil is also a great place to get more for your budget, making your investment go some extra miles.


Whit recent events such as FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games Rio 2016, Brazil and it’s stunning scenarios are prominent worldwide.

Tricky? Not that much...

If on one hand Brazil is a country with all sorts of locations, and skilled talented people who love to work in the film industry, on the other hand it is a place with a list of taxes and authorizations, where many tricky non-spoken and non-official rules apply. Nothing that should scare off experienced filmmakers. And that’s where we come in!

We can get you smoothly trough shooting in Brazil, knowing the Brazilian market and all that is needed for your project.

Established in 2006, with more than 600 films under its belt, Delicatessen is one of Brazil’s best known production companies, representing talented directors from Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Germany and Israel. LEADING OUR INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION SERVICES DIVISION IS ANNA MARTINEZ AND HER 32 YEARS OF PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE. With over three decades dedicated to the film industry, Martinez spent fourteen years as a 1st AD before starting to produce. She worked in Chile, Argentina and Mexico as an International producer for two and a half years for Procter. Since 2007, she has been working as an Executive Producer and Producer for the International Market. In 2014 she joined Delicatessen as the Company’s International producer, representing directors and producing international and local jobs for the São Paulo based company.